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Vegan Concealer Brush

Vegan Concealer Brush


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The Vegan Concealer Brush is the perfect tool for quick and easy concealer application, especially for the delicate under eye area. Use the INIKA Vegan Concealing Brush to dab and blend concealer under your eyes, to conceal blemishes or diminish the appearance of redness and pigmentation. The Concealer Brush has been designed to use with our lightweight Perfection Concealer, before or after foundation. Perfect for precise touch-ups and blending. 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

How to use your Afterglow Vegan Concealer Brush:

  1. Dip your Vegan Concealer Brush into the concealer gel or powder.
  2. Press or sweep the concealer directly on top of the area you wish to conceal using your Vegan Concealer Brush.
  3. Lightly feather blend the edges of the concealer spot with your Vegan Concealer Brush to blend into the surrounding skin.

Caution! Dirty cosmetic brushes can harbor bacteria. Washing your vegan cosmetic brushes often is critical to ensuring bacteria-free brushes and healthy skin!

How to clean your Afterglow Vegan Concealer Brush:

Easily clean all of your vegan cosmetic brushes quickly with our Vegan Brush Cleanser spray or, for a deeper clean, wash them with a gentle shampoo or soap. Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel or with the brush bristles facing down to dry. Do not dry wet brushes with the bristles facing up as the moisture from the bristles will move down the ferrule (the metal connection with the handle) and weaken (or rot) the handle and the brush bristle ties.







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