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My home Skincare routine is on point… do I really need to have a professional facial? 

Do I need a facial?

Having an at home skincare routine is a great start and an essential part to having
that beautiful, glowing, radiant skin we all seek.

Let’s amp it up to the next level to keep wrinkles at bay and get that skin we all dream of!

Wrinkles are a part of aging, they are a sign that our collagen in our skin is breaking down and our
body is not rejuvenating as fast as its breaking down, a little catabolic
as we age.

However, with a great skincare routine (blog 02 Simple, easy skincare
 and regular facials with a gentle professional peeling solution customised to
your own skin, we can help our body stimulate cellular renewal encouraging plump,
fresh cells to the skins surface and in turn keep wrinkles at bay and get that
beautiful, glowing skin.

What to do?

To take advantage of the fresh, new skin cells our body produces, we need to help
let them shine by removing the dead, dull cells sticking on top. Starting from birth
our skin cells are renewing.

Babies renewing every 2 weeks, in your 20’s every 24-

30 days, in your 30’s 28-35 days, in your 40’s every 30-42 days and in your 50’s+
every 45-84 days. 

So, you guessed it as we age, we get a build-up of dead skin that
we need to help get unstuck!

Do I need a facial?

Having a monthly facial is not just a luxury splurge!
We use a progressive system, customized to your skin and results.

Research shows that the skin builds a resistance to a particular AHA,
which is the safe peel we can use on the skin at
home, so results begin to diminish, with a professional treatment program we start
with a blue peel with a pH 3 this is a gentle lactic acid peel that removes the build-up
of dead skin cells by loosening the glue-like liquid that holds the dead skin cells on
which causes our skin to look dull.

With regular facials we can then progress up to
the yellow which has a pH of 2.5 (more acidic) with smaller molecules that get
deeper into the skin to enhance the production of collagen, intensive decongesting
action, lightens pigmentation and oxygenates the cells. The final and ultimate
treatment peel is the red which has a pH of 2 for treating oily/acne, sun damaged,
coarse, aged skins.

After each one of these peels a calming spray rinse is used to
bring the pH level back to a balanced pH of 5.5-6 which is the healthy skin pH.


Kaboodle Body Beauty

A Professional facial will get the blood flowing, which in turn helps with the renewal
of skin cells and give you a beautiful, healthy glow.

Skin therapists are trained to do
extractions, helping stop acne and promoting clear skin. Massage and exfoliation
can reduce fine lines and age spots, not to mention putting you into a relaxed state
of mind.

You can also expect a free counselling session during part of your facial
Here at Kaboodle body beauty, our trained therapists can also guide you in your
home skin care routine and answer all your skin questions.

We have a full, professional range from Pelactiv, for each and every skin need.

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Do I need a facial?

My home Skincare routine is on point… do I really need to have a professional facial?